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Custom Transfers for Performance Apparel

Transfer Express® will help you decorate your performance wear!
Sold under brand names such as Under Armour®, Nike®, Adidas®, Teamwork® and Augusta®, or under its attributes dry fit and moisture wicking, we have the product to help you outfit your team.

elasti printsPerformance wear is typically 100% polyester fabric making it perfect for all types of transfer application. Basically there are two types of performance wear—loose fit, that fits like a t-shirt, and compression, or tight fit that stretches tightly against the skin. All of the Transfer Express® products can be used to decorate loose fit. The product just needs to be able to withstand a temperature of 340° F or 365° F depending on the product for perfect application. 
For tight fit or compression performance wear you will need a print that will stretch. Both our new screen printed Elasti Prints™ and our full color Digi Prints™ will stretch with the fabric. Elasti Prints™ is recommended when printing in a single color or spot multi-color . Digi Prints™ can be used for all types of printing—single color, multi color and full color. In addition, both product have low application temps—305° F for Digi Prints™ and 275° F for Elasti Prints™.

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