Customize Earth Day Apparel for Schools and Volunteer Groups

Swirl design Earth day custom apparel

Swirl designs work great for Earth day custom apparel designs because they resemble the curves of plants sprouting out of the Earth.

We should take care of the Earth every day of the year; but there’s a specific day each year that is dedicated to caring for the Earth. Earth Day is an annual reminder that we need to take care of our planet, and is a great opportunity to create custom apparel!

Many schools have Earth Day activities to get students involved in this holiday. Some schools may have their students plant flowers or trees, others may have their students watch educational videos on how they can help protect the Earth for future generations. Volunteer groups will be doing similar activities by cleaning litter from their communities or planting trees.

Custom Earth Day t-shirt with school mascot

A great idea for schools is to add the school’s name and mascot to the custom Earth Day t-shirt so students are more likely to wear their custom t-shirts outside of the holiday as well

These schools and volunteer groups can use custom Earth Day apparel to show that they take part in caring for the planet; spreading the word that the Earth should be celebrated for everything that it provides us. They can wear their Earth Day apparel on Earth Day, or even outside of the holiday if the school adds their mascot and school name. A school specific example could be, “Tylerton Wildcats Take Care of the Earth,” which would include a clip art of a wildcat mascot. Create these Earth Day apparel designs in the Easy View® designer.

For Earth Day, swirly layouts that look similar to plants sprouting from the Earth’s soil work great! Many of our fashion layouts have this swirled look. If the design that you want to use does not contain these swirls, but you would like to add them, you can easily add swirl clip art in our online design tool.

Many of the family reunion layouts are great for Earth Day custom apparel designs as well! Both layouts QRN-46 and QEN-61, shown below, were in the family reunion section of the Easy Prints layouts. If you find an Easy Prints layout that would look great as an Earth Day design but does not have the Earth clip art in it; you can find the Earth clip art options in the Symbols section of the Easy Prints clip art, under Geography.

Let your local schools and volunteer groups know that you can provide custom apparel to help them celebrate Earth Day!

Earth day custom apparel designs created in the Easy View designer

Earth day custom apparel designs created in the Easy View online design tool. If you want to add a globe to your design, simply add the clip art.

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