Direct to Film Heat Transfers UltraColor Max

Direct to film (dtf) heat transfers are the latest trend in heat applied transfers and apparel decorating.

UltraColor® Max dtf transfers are one of the options you can get for your full color heat applied transfers with Transfer Express.

With dtf, you can print full color graphics quickly and easily.

There are several advantages to direct to film heat transfers over other full color apparel printing options, and we’re going to show you how you can benefit in your t-shirt business using UltraColor Max.


direct to film UltraColor Max transfers


What are dtf (direct to film) transfers?

First, let’s take a little closer look at what dtf transfers are.

Dtf transfers are printed digitally onto a film transfer with adhesive added to the back so that the transfers can be applied to apparel using a heat press.

Since it is printed in full color, you don’t pay per color. With dtf, use any colors in the CYMK color spectrum. You can have unlimited colors, gradients, shading, etc.


direct to film dtf heat transfers


Direct to film transfers allow for fine detail with no outline. That’s right – no white or clear outline.

You can have standalone text and other detailed artwork.


UltraColor Max DTF Transfers

These transfers are now part of the UltraColor transfer product line.

We’ve dialed in just the right settings and formula to create direct to film transfers so you can have more options for printing full color graphics onto custom apparel for your customers.

With UltraColor Max, you get a soft, lightweight feel, fine detail, unlimited colors, vibrant graphics, a low temperature application, all at a low cost.

The pricing is based on total square inches of the design, at $0.06 per square inch.

There are no minimum quantities when ordering UltraColor Max transfers.

You can order individual images or create your own gang sheets.

The maximum transfer size you can order is 22” x 22”.




When to Use UltraColor Max Heat Transfers

These transfers will definitely fill a void in your printing arsenal.

Direct to film heat transfers are great for when you need a low quantity of custom transfers, especially full color.

Since it is based on square inch pricing, it is more economical to get UltraColor Max at low quantities over other full color transfer options.

However, when you are ordering larger quantities, that’s when you would want to switch to UltraColor Soft and order by the sheet, with a minimum of 6 full size sheets, 11.5” x 18”.

UltraColor Max dtf transfers apply to cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, and tri-blend materials, which are great for your t-shirts, hoodies, and more.

They also apply at a low temperature of 290 degrees F, for that temperature sensitive polyester.


dtf transfers on polyester


How to Order Direct to Film Transfers

You can order direct to film transfers through the artwork uploader if you have your own artwork, or through Easy View® Online Designer.

When using Easy View, you can upload your own artwork, or you can create designs using our free artwork layouts.

Once you have your artwork ready, just choose UltraColor Max as your transfer type.

Samples are available. Get your free samples today and test for yourself. See and feel the latest full color print method for apparel decorating.


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