Faux Rhinestone Transfers Add Bling to Your Custom Prints

Filed in Heat Press Transfers by on February 3, 2010

Rhinestones are hot, but finding someone to do custom printed rhinestone transfers is difficult, and the cost is high.  For your budget-minded customer, we offer an alternative, “Faux Rhinestone”.  Faux Rhinestone is not actual rhinestones, but rather a screen printed transfer created with a dot pattern and glitter ink to give the effect of rhinestone.  We offer several transfer designs from cheerleading to basketball to give your customer some “Bling!”  Just choose a layout, let us know what you would like it to say and choose one or more of our glitter ink colors—Silver, Gold, Red, Blue or Green. We have free samples of faux rhinestone available if you would like to see it before you order, just give us a call!

Faux Rhinestone t-shirt designs

Faux Rhinestone t-shirt designs

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