Getting Started – Start with the Hotronix® Auto Open Clam

Auto Open Heat Press

Auto Open Heat Press

If you are just getting started in the apparel business, the only investment needed is a heat press.

A great quality starter heat press is the Hotronix® Auto Open Clam. This press has an auto open feature that gives you the convenience of an air press without a compressor.

It is easy to operate with digital readouts for time, temperature and pressure, the three variables that can make or break your new business. The upper platen is 3/4” thick assuring you of even pressure and is non-stick coated for easy clean up for any errors (we have all put one on upside down!).

The clam style is space saving and this press can easily be carried onsite for pressing on demand at events.

Now is the time to make that investment and get started with a quality heat press!


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