Ink Formula Focus: Hot Split Screen Printed Transfers


QAL-262 - Burgundy & White

The Hot Split ink formula has been around since the start of Transfer Express and has grown to a very popular formula used by many of our dealers. It’s our softest feel and lightest transfer when applied to apparel so you can see why it is used by so many.

To get down to the characteristics of the ink formula itself, a Hot Split transfer is screen printed using plastisol ink. Just like it’s counterpart Goof Proof® it is literally screen printed onto a release paper that allows it to peel “like butter” when applied with a heat press. It “splits” from the paper when peeled “hot”. Hence the name! It’s a simple product, (ink on paper) but it packs a punch in its qualities.

  • Soft feel (even with more solid filled design areas!)
  • Lightweight
  • Great for thinner fabrics such as burnout tees
  • Anywhere color placement
  • Best for cotton/polyester blended fabrics
  • So try out a sample of Hot Split if you haven’t already and see why we call it our softest feel transfer.


    I having difficulty on a transfer that has thin lines .It is a baseball design and the outline of the ball are not always coming off good.What can I do if it is a cold spot how can I correct that without buying a new press?

    Dealer Services

    If it is a Hotronix heat press, it has lifetime warranty on the heating element. Contact Hotronix at 800-727-8520. Otherwise contact your manufacturer. To determine if it is a cold spot you could purchase our heat press test kit to check the temperature accuracy on your press.

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