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Heat Printing Application Tools

When your t shirt business begins to grow you are more likely to need a few extra tools to help you print on different types of garments other than t-shirts. Below are some tools many of our dealer’s use to create a perfectly personalized garment.

Paper cutters offer a fast, easy way to cut transfer paper sheets as opposed to scissors. If you have sheets by the hundreds to cut, try a guillotine paper cutter. Not only can you cut multiple sheets at once in one clean even motion, it provides a measurement grid for easy alignment. The measurement grid allows for straight cuts that is hard to achieve when cutting with scissors. Guillotine paper cutters and other paper cutters/trimmers can be purchased at your local craft store or office supply store.

A pad to elevate your print area will help get even pressure directly to your print without there being lumps in the way such as seams and buttons. You can use a mouse pad used for your computer mouse or a Print Perfect Pad from Stahls’ ID Direct.

Using a cover sheet keeps graphics from sticking to the top of your heat press platen. You may run into a situation where you will need to cover a previously applied graphic on a garment. Kraft paper or reusable cover sheets can be used to give you a non-stick cover.

There are many useful tools along with the three mentioned above to help you receive perfect pressing results with your custom transfers. If you have any questions about these suggestions you can ask a Dealer Services Rep at Transfer Express to give you more information.

Have you used any tools to help you press on different types of garments or assist in your application process? Click on “Comments” below to share your perfect application process!