Heat Printing Bat Bags

Increase your baseball team sales by offering custom printed bat bags. Baseball players at every level like to have a bat bag to carry their spikes, glove, and bat and a custom printed bat bag is easy to print using custom transfers. In fact, you can actually print these bags for free by just adding an extra image to the custom transfer sheet you have created for their uniforms.

screen printed transfer sheet

Using screen printed transfer sheets, you can add multiple images to your sheet for the same cost!

Bat bags are typically made of a polyester material, giving you the perfect surface for easy heat printing. Many have removable pockets to make adding a team logo, or a personal name or number easier to apply. All of our custom transfers will work on this bat bag material. Watch our video to show you how easy it is applied. Frequently a cap press will work best since the area you are working with is small and the pocket will slip over this area very easily.

If you would like to add a number, order these using the Express Names ordering. If you need a 2” number, you can fit 12 numbers on one line for just $1.75 making this a low cost, and profitable addition.

individual screen printed names and numbers

Using Express Names, you can add numbers instead of letters to get different sizes than our stock numbers.

Upsell further by adding the player’s name. Since many teams all order the same bat bag, this personalization makes it easy for the baseball player to quickly find the right bag. Your team is now ready to play ball!

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