Heat Printing Christmas Gifts – For the Elementary School Child

The holidays are quickly approaching and this is a great time to increase your sales by heat printing items for Christmas gifts. We hosted an entire webinar on this idea, but wanted to share some of these on our blog as well.

Are you familiar with a gang sheet? Basically as the name implies, it is putting multiple prints on one sheet, or “ganging images” and then you cut them apart to apply. This is a real cost saver because they are screen printed all at one time and that cost savings is passed on to you! Gang sheets are great to use to create what we are calling holiday bundles. You can put together an assortment of items that use the same design and sell the same person multiple items. This is a way to increase your T-shirt business sales without the benefit of new customers, but instead getting your current customers to buy more.

Christmas gifts using a heat press

Heat print on a variety of items and bundle them together for the perfect Christmas gift!

The bundle shown here is for the pre-teen or elementary school child. The assortment of items you can apply for this customer of course starts with the T-shirt but also think about a matching doll shirt, or a stuffed animal dressed with a matching shirt.  I found this cute hat and shoes at the dollar store and heat printed these items to match the rest of my bundle for this customer. All of these items can use one of the images we put on the gang sheet – we used the same art, just in different sizes for the different application. A cinch sack bag can hold all of the other items you heat printed as a pre-wrapped gift bag. The “bundle” of gifts is ready to put under the tree.

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