Heat Printing Christmas Gifts for Your College Student and Dad!

This week we have heat printing ideas for two hard to buy for people, your college student and Dad!

First, let’s start with the college student. Once again, we use a gang sheet (multiple prints on one transfer paper) to create a bundle of gifts any college student would love! We started with the basic, the T-shirt. We then used the same print on a pillow case, laundry bag and a smaller print on a tablet case. We also used a large leg print, and heat printed lounge pants. To print the large leg, which is 28” long, you cut the custom transfer in half and apply the first half, slide the pant down the press and apply the second half. Use our grid lines for easy line up.

Heat printed Christmas gifts for a college student

Easy Prints® custom transfer layouts QCU-6 and QLG-2 are used to create heat printing gifts for the college student.

Now let’s work on gifts for Dad. With these heat printing ideas, we will have Dad looking great on his trips to the office. We heat printed a laptop bag, a passport carrier, a garment bag, a mouse pad and a desk coaster. We used the same bigger print for the case, mouse pad and garment bag and the smaller one for the coaster and passport carrier. We then tucked everything into the laptop case and used the carrier as our gift label and tied it off with a bow.

Heat printed office Christmas gifts for Dad


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How do you apply to something other than clothing? Obviously it wouldn’t work with a heat press???

Dealer Services

Yes, you can do other things on the heat press like mousepads, towels, and bibs. To do other things like bags or shoes you may need to use the interchangeable platens on the heat press. Hats and other things can be done on a cap heat press.


Any suggestions for websites for mousepads and towels?

Dealer Services

http://www.BroderBros.com has a bunch of kind of towels. Google searching blank mousepads might be a good way to find those.


Can transfers be transferred to wood like 1/2″ or 3/4″ plywood for a plaque?

Dealer Services

Hi Elaine,
We have not done any testing with our transfers onto wood, however, we have heard of some customers attempting it with some success. We would recommend testing beforehand. You can request transfer samples here: https://transferexpress.com/marketing-tool/free-samples


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