Heat Printing Garden Flags

Are you looking for a new product line to add to your t-shirt business?   Printing Garden flags can be just the addition.   They are easy to print and can celebrate a team’s victory, or personalize a garden.  They also are an easy sign for an event such as a party.  Use an extra transfer from your shirt order for printing garden flags.      With price break ordering it is often less to order at a price break giving you extra transfers at no extra cost.    Make a flag as a thank you gift and generate new possibilities.

Where to Purchase Blank Garden Flags

We found blank garden flags at Amazon in a pack of 12 for just $12.99 making the blank flag cost just $1.08 each.    They also had packs of 20 and 36 that took the cost to under $1.   The flags are 100% polyester and durable for outside use.

What Transfer to Use

These 100% polyester flags can be decorated with any of our products including Goof Proof, UltraColor Max and UltraColor Pro, will apply to the flag.     The best product choice will be based on number of colors, as well as how many you need.   This What to use When Chart should be helpful.


Every transfer order comes with application instructions.   Follow those provided for the proper time, temperature and pressure.   The flags lie flat in your heat press for easy application.

Ideas For Garden Flags

Graduation Party

Retirement Party

Birthday Party

Welcome Students

Team Recognition

Home Identification


Dock Location

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