How to Add Patterns to Your Designs in Easy View®

Unleash your creativity and take your designs to the next level with our latest release in Easy View®! This week, we’re thrilled to introduce not only brand-new designs, but also exciting additions to our pattern library. Now, you have the power to enhance your creations with three fresh and captivating patterns, adding personal style and retail quality to your custom apparel!

How to Add Patterns to Your Easy View® Design

  1. Select Your Design: Choose a design layout and customize to your liking with font, clip art, and text.
  2. Choose a Design Element: Click the design element you want to add a pattern to. In the Edit side bar, find Pattern Fill and click ADD.
  3. Pick a Pattern: Choose which pattern to add from a variety of choices in our pattern library .
  4. Preview and Order: Take advantage of Easy View®’s preview feature to ensure your design meets your expectations. Afterward, proceed to order your custom heat transfers, you’ll even get an instant price quote and shipping estimate.

Note: Some patterns cannot be used with Screen Printed Transfers. If you do not see the pattern you are looking for, change your transfer type from Screen Printed to a Full Color transfer type.

New Patterns & Design Layouts in Easy View®

Our new designs are carefully crafted to provide the ideal canvas for incorporating patterns. Whether you’re adding flair to a sports logo or vibrancy to a promotional graphic, these designs are perfect for experimenting with patterns, adding depth, and making your creations stand out.





All New Patterns

Topographical Map

Snakeskin Pattern

Turf Pattern

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