How to Cash In On Viral Videos with T-Shirts

It will always be a mystery to me how some of the strangest videos on the internet go viral. None the less, people love these videos and love to talk about them. How many remember, not too long ago, the “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” video? We got orders with that phrase on them for months. As an apparel decorator, how can we take advantage of these “crazes”?

Keep your eyes and ears open to know what’s in! Watch the news, skim the internet news headlines, and of course, watch what people are posting on social media like Facebook and YouTube. When the opportunity arises, the early bird gets the worm, so you have to act quickly if you’re going to capitalize on these viral videos.

The latest viral video is about “staying out of the shark’s house”, in response to all of the recent shark attacks. This creates an opportunity to make a quick buck. Shirts with the simple phrase on it with a piece of shark clip art will sell just fine. But let’s take it further! How about if you own a shop near the ocean or have a resort business? Make the shirt, but then add your shop’s name on it, too! What a great souvenir that would make! What if you don’t live near the ocean? That’s ok, too. Do you sell to teams or schools? Another perfect customer! Add in the mascot for the team on their sports shirts – “Stay Out of the Tiger’s House!”, or customize it even more with “Stay Out of the Eagles’ Nest!”. Be creative, that’s what sells.


custom printed apparel for viral videos

Use the same theme to sell shirts using the team or school mascots in place of the shark.


Acting fast is key. Lucky for you, our one color screen printed transfers ship next day, along with most of our wholesale apparel line! Get these items in your hands in just a couple days to start selling.


unique shirt for viral videos

Get your transfers fast – one color screen printed transfers ship next day.


custom printed apparel for viral videos

Create custom apparel using themes from popular videos.

In this example, we have a tote bag from our wholesale apparel line, item number BG400. We created the design in Easy View® from our Easy Prints® layout QRT-50. This would be a perfect item to sell at the beach or resorts since it has an interior pocket which is great for your phone or keys. It is made from polyester, so it can be printed with any of our heat applied transfers. We used Goof Proof®, our easiest and fastest screen printed transfer. It applies in just 4 seconds.


make a tote bag from viral videos

Tote bags are perfect to take to the beach and make great souvenirs on vacation.


Because of the size of the bag, we had to limit the design to a height of 8” tall. Therefore, we were able to fit 2 images on each screen printed transfer sheet. We used the second print to apply to a matching T-shirt. This T-shirt, item number DT5000, is also an item we carry in our wholesale apparel. It comes in a variety of colors, including neon. The neon colors, like this example, are made from a 50/50 soft spun cotton/poly blend, so again, Goof Proof will be just fine as the transfer type.


T-shirt design using a viral video

Print a matching T-shirt using the same transfer.


These are just a few examples. The possibilities are endless. Just be unique and creative. And remember…. stay out of the shark’s house!


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Dean Swift

Our doggy video went viral we would like to make some t shirts?

Dealer Services

That’s great to hear Dean! Do you already have a heat press? You’ll need a heat press and screen printed transfers, and you’ll be all set.


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