Lovely Inspiration for Valentine’s Day Custom Apparel

February is the month of Love and we love the designs our customer’s create for their custom apparel for Valentine’s Day. With the thousands of layouts and clip art available for customization, you have the ability to create an endless possibility of creations for your customer’s shirts, bags, hats, pants and pants and more apparel items.

You look for inspiration from places like Pinterest, Google, other decorators and apparel stores to help create unique and professional looking designs without the need to hire an artist or invest in expensive graphic design software. Look no further because we have compiled some of the greatest Valentine’s Day t-shirt designs created using the Easy View® Online Designer and our layouts and clip art.

Inspiration for Valentine’s Day Apparel

This video shows an array of designs created using layouts and changing the clip art, text and colors. These layouts may  not have started as a specific Valentine’s Day layout, but from other categories like the School and Baseball categories among others. You can make lovely designs like these too, just by using a little creativity and the customization options of clip art like hearts, arrows, roses, lips, bees, and bows!

Now that you have some inspiration to get you started, jump over to Easy View to start designing your Valentine’s Day apparel designs now. And if you don’t find a layout that suits your creativity, you can also use the clip art and text available to create your own layout design from Scratch. The video below shows how you can use clip art like arrows, a heart and text to create a truly unique design perfect for your customer.

When designing, choose traditional Valentine’s Day color combinations like Red and White or Pink and White. Or choose from one of these color combinations to give your design a different look!

Valentines Day color palettes

Once you’re done designing in Easy View, it’s time to choose your blank apparel to heat apply your design to. Use the Preview and Share feature in Easy View to view your design on blank apparel offered at Transfer Express Apparel. A huge variety of t-shirts, sweatshirts, kids clothes, and bags, you can preview how your design will look on different blank apparel, like our favorites in the image below.

Valentine's Day Wholesale Blank Apparel for Heat Printing

Our favorite and most popular blank apparel for Valentine’s Day apparel.