Lower UltraColor Pro pricing

UltraColor Pro is full color hybrid transfer with gang sheet pricing and price breaks, the perfect solution for  an order with a quantity greater than 36

For small orders, use UltraColor Max, switching over to budget friendly,  UltraColor Pro for those larger orders. And now we have lowered the pricing on the most popular quantity breaks!     We’ve also added ready to apply, individual options to save you time.

Fill Up The Sheet

One of the two ways to buy UltraColor Pro, is to purchase the entire 11.5 x 18 sheet.    When creating a sheet, use all the space, allowing just enough room as needed to cut between your images.     With UltraColor Pro sheets your art can be any combination of colors.    This is a good opportunity to test a new design out with any leftover space.     Or add some shirt tags to add branding.

Orders Ready to Apply

UltraColor Pro can also be purchased individually, by the image.       These come ready to apply with no cutting or trimming needed and are a real time saver.        Individual image sizes include Small (5.04 x4), Large (11×8.3) and Large (17×5.4)

Let’s take a look at an example of how this service can help your business.

A local festival orders 180 t-shirts/hoodies at a size of 8.5 x 8.3.     We could set up a gang sheet and fit 2 per sheet (90 x $4.60=$414.00)   When the order was received we would need to cut the sheets to use the transfers.    Now with new individual images, we would order 180 images @ $2.25 each=$405, not only do you save money but these also are cut and ready to apply!

Order a free UltraColor Pro sample, to check it out!

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