Making It Together with a Little Fun

During this difficult time we want to thank all of you for your custom transfer business.    As an industry based on people joining together for sports, fundraisers, school and events,  we have all been hit hard.    Some of you have online stores and have continued to have some orders coming in, which I’m sure helps.

We also realize many of you have kids at home and have also have become teachers.    We came up with a fun project that will help with your current dual roles.    We created a coloring page (print it out here) showing a t-shirt on a heat press.     Color the page and on that shirt include a drawing of what makes you happy.   Four year old Zelie got us started, she drew herself in a pink dress.

After they are finished with their work of art, simply post it on Facebook (tag @StahlsTransferExpress)  or on Instagram with the hashtag, #tshirtsmakepeoplehappy telling us what made them happy before April 23rd   Enter as many as you like

We will make one shirt a reality,  printing your child’s art creation as a set of 10 custom transfers so you can use your heat press to print shirts for their family and friends.    We all need to smile and can’t wait to see all the works of art!

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