Money Saving Color Changes

Did you ever have a customer want both red shirts with a white print, and white shirts with a red print?   Did you know that if the art will be the same, with just a change in color it is less to place one, one color order with a color change rather than placing two orders?

What is A Color Change

A color change, or color wash, is used in screen printed products when you stop in the middle of the run and wash out the screen.   The same screen is used for another color.   Since the same screen is used, you gain the quantity break advantage of the entire order plus a small charge ($15)   For example if you order 25 in white and 25 in red your pricing would be based on the total 50 piece order plus $15.     Another example would be if you need 1 white, and 49 red you would get the same 50 piece price plus $15.   It does not matter how you divide the total, you still get the price break of the total order


How to Place Your Color Change Order

If you are ordering in Easy View, the online designer you will find the color change button on the left just under quantity.   First enter how many of the color shown on the art board you need. Then click the color change button and note how many of the opposite color are needed   When you go back you will see the newly calculated price based on the total order.

If you are uploading art, the color change can be noted in order notes. You won’t see the new total price on screen but will see it on your order confirmation.

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