Monogramming with Custom Transfers

screen printed monogrammed pocket

Create monograms easily with custom screen printed and digital transfers.

A popular trend today for people of all ages is monogrammed apparel and accessories. Monogramming is a great way to personalize any item from a pocket tee to a tote bag, and can easily be done with custom screen printed transfers. This personalization technique is also very easy to create in our free online designer, Easy View®. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

1. Log into your dealer  account on and click on the online design tool, Easy View.
2. Select “Start from Scratch”.
3. Click the “Add Text” button on the left and type all 3 initials.
4. Increase the size of the middle letter by selecting “Effects” on the left tool bar.
5. Choose the “Bookend” tab.
6. Choose “Bookends Top” and then click ok.
7. Change font and color as desired.


  • Monograms for women and men are different. For women, the order is first initial, last initial, middle initial. The last initial is also larger than the other two. For men, the order is first initial, middle initial, last initial and the letters are all the same size. The steps above describe how to create a monogram for women. For men, simply enter all three initials in one line of text and format.
  • My favorite fonts for monograms are Commerce Script and Zurich. The photos in this post picture the Zurich font.
  • Letters can also be entered as individual lines of text. This allows more flexibility in the dimensions of each letter as opposed to predetermined heights and widths.
custom monogrammed aprons

Monogram T-shirts, towels, aprons, hoodies, hats, and more!


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