My Customer Just Wants One Shirt

Did you know that there are over 40 steps involved in processing your custom screen printed transfer order? The only difference between printing an order for 1 vs an order for 10 is 9 pieces of paper and the ink, both small parts of the cost. Every other part of the process is the same.

Here are three solutions to the request for just 1 custom shirt:

  1. Add a print to another sheet. Remember, our transfers are sold by the 11.25” x 14” sheet, so another customer may need 10 of a print, and there will be some room left on the sheet. Since this real estate is free printing, this might be a good place to add a print for the customer who just wants one. Below is an order for a football team, and we added the print for the teacher of the year.
transfer as a gang sheet

Add multiple images on a screen printed transfer gang sheet.

2. Offer A Proof. Many of your customers just want to see what it will look like before they place the bigger order and in many cases an art proof will do the trick. With Easy View®, our online t-shirt designer, proofs are free. You can create the art and show them a photo of what it will look like on the apparel. If you need us to create a proof for you, there is an initial cost of $25 for an Easy Prints digital proof and $45 for a Plus digital proof, BUT as long as they go ahead with the order you get the money back as a credit on the order.

digital art proof on t-shirt

Use Easy View to show your customer what the design will look like on a t-shirt.

3. Do a text order only. Express Names™ can be used for just names and makes one shirt easy to do. You can order “names” in five fonts, and do multiple lines for a fun saying, to identify with a company or group or show some individual personality.

screen printed transfer t-shirt word design

Use Express Names for more than just names. Create a fun saying!