New Football Artwork Ready for Game Day

Strike up the band and get your tailgating gear ready- football season is almost here! We’ve created some new football artwork so you can be ready. Whether for spirit wear, warm up gear for players, or custom apparel for a special game, we’ve got the artwork you need to create designs your customers will want to wear.

Layout QFB-221 is a trendy quote that is perfect for spirit wear at all levels of play, from high school to college. Try showing your customers a preview of it on one of our many fan wear shirts at Transfer Express Apparel.

New Football Artwork

We’ve also added a variety of stylized footballs, by customer request. Either of these graphic footballs, with goalpost or without, would be perfect in a championship t-shirt design. Or use a stylized laces, like one featured in the new layout, for a simple and modern look.

New Football Artwork

To represent people on the field, we’ve got a simple referee and a trendy particle dispersion player. We’ve had multiple requests for more referees and this one is will work for a variety of designs. And we plan on adding more types of players with the particle look, which would look great in the ‘prACTice Like a Champion’ designs we are seeing everywhere.

New Football Artwork

Looking for more designs? We have tons of football layouts available in Easy View® online designer. And, of course, you can customize any layout from any section. In addition to shirts, we’ve compiled a checklist of football apparel to help you maximize your sales.

Here’s to a busy and profitable football season with new football artwork!

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