New Track and Lacrosse T-shirt Designs Ready for Spring

We are continuing to add artwork for spring sports all through February and this week we have doubled up. New track and lacrosse t-shirt designs are now available in Easy View® online designer, along with new clip art. Since these sports are starting their pre-season conditioning, let’s start designing!

Because track and field encompasses a lot of different events, we thought it would be a lot of fun to use the trendy ‘Helvetica List‘ look for layout QTK-97. While this certainly works for track events, this is a great basic layout for a variety uses. A tip for editing in Easy View: When changing the text, you will need to re-align the left justification. First, select all the lines of text. Second, click ‘Align’ on the red menu bar above the artboard. Then just select ‘Left’.

New Track and Lacrosse t-shirt designs

We’ve also added some new track clip art based on some customer requests. Some field event athletes we were lacking are now available as silhouettes: discus, long jump, and shot put. Other new art is a modern, stylized track and liquid burst running shoe. Use these with any of our track layouts, including more new track artwork we added just last year.

New Track and Lacrosse t-shirt designs

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, although it’s always been pretty popular here in Northeast Ohio. As a result, we are striving to make our Lacrosse artwork reflective of current trends and needs. From uniforms and workout gear to spirit wear and tournament shirts, customize layout QLS-64 for any event or function.

New Track and Lacrosse t-shirt designs

The main clip art featured in the layout is a multi-use stick, ball, and rectangle that can be separated to use individual parts. Try adding your team’s name and mascot in different areas, creating you own custom lacrosse design. We’ve also added a stylized banner with crossed sticks and players, both male and female. While you can add these to any of our pre-designed lacrosse templates, you can use any Easy Prints layout to create a custom design.

New Track and Lacrosse t-shirt designs

You have your new Track and Lacrosse t-shirt designs, you have your custom t-shirt designer, and you have your custom transfer source– now it’s time to get out there and get these spring sports sales!




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