Pricing and Custom Transfer Order Details in Easy View

In the new Easy View® pricing is calculated on the fly as you design. For example, as soon as you add an additional color or add a color change, the price updates in the right panel. It is best to put the image quantity needed right away so you can see these changes as you design. If you click on the “Print Method” in the right panel you can see a comparison of pricing for the different screen printed transfer types. For our screen printed transfers, pricing is calculated by the quantity (number  of sheets), number of colors, and transfer type (Goof Proof® vs Elasti Prints®). For Stretch Litho, our full color transfer, pricing is based on the number of sheets.


See your prices change dynamically as you as colors.

One really nice feature of the new Easy View is that it will “auto gang” any screen print design that is smaller than 6. 5″ x 11″. See below how a heart design of 4.5″ x 4.5″ looks on the “canvas” vs the “Order Details”. In “Order Details”, it shows the image will be 6 up on the sheet. If you like to have your heart images cut, you can still do that but there is cut fee charge that appears in the order details when cut apart is chosen in the right panel.  The “Order Details” area only shows one image because that is what you will receive – cut single images instead of “gang” sheets.

Order details

Order Details can be seen by clicking the “Review order and Add to Cart Button”


Order details

Order Details can be seen by clicking the “Review order and Add to Cart Button”



A single image is shown because these sheet will be cut apart

A single image is shown because these sheets will be cut apart


When you review all the order details and are ready to order, click the Add to Cart button. If you need to make changes to to your order,  click the “Back to design” button and edit as needed.  When you are ready to submit your orders in your cart you must click on the cart button in the upper right hand corner of Easy View. Easy View will ask you if you want to leave this page and you should click yes if you are ready to start the check out process. Once in your cart you will see the thumbnails of your orders. To begin the check out process, click “Submit order”.


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