Unique Print Placement Ideas

Most of your custom transfers are applied to the front of the shirt.  Usually a full front size and occasionally a left chest size.    By using a unique print location you can take your t-shirt business to the next level.   Unique print placement can even bring in a more fashion conscious customer.

Let’s take a look at 7 Unique Print Placements and learn how to do them with your heat press and a custom transfer.

Side Print

This first placement puts custom artwork next to the seam on the side of the shirt (LST356) .    To press simply lay the shirt on your heat press and the transfer paper edge along the seam.   You can try the left or right side.   The logo remains visible since nobody tucks in their shirts.  This is our new transfer UltraColor Pro—your full color, hot peel transfer with incremental price breaks.   It checks all of the boxes!

This second side print example is just right of center.   The offset vertical look works perfectly with this elongated artwork.    And we continued the theme on the back.   This is an UltraColor Max transfer, perfect for small runs, you can buy just 1 sheet.

Tiki Bob’s uses a left chest and side print.   A Goof Proof screen printed transfer  gang sheet prints this all on one sheet and two applications gives you a fun look.

The Wildcats shirts uses a side print (QAL-253) with the clawing paw on the back.  This school is clawing to a successful spirit sale.

Wrap Around Print

This print will show both coming and going.   The print works best on a shirt without a side seam, but UltraColor Max did a great job of going right over the seam on this District LST400 shirt.    The print looks good from the front, back and side.  We used the turtle clip art X2F-105 with the pastel gradient pattern, all available in Easy View, your free online design center.

Spine Print

Do you have sponsors for an event?  Or does your company represent several manufacturers?  These logos don’t have to be scattered all over the shirt, put them in a vertical line down the spine of the shirt with Easy Prints layout QBU-387.    This is our UltraColor Max transfer.

Minimalist Sleeve

Make each shirt unique by adding messaging to the ends of the sleeves.   This is our best-selling Goof Proof transfer that applies in just seconds.    To press lay the end of the sleeve on the platen, position and press.   This is shirt style DT105 and we used the rainbow clip art X17b-758,

Inside Shirt Printing

This fun shirt (DT5000) uses several unique print locations.   Using a Goof Proof gang sheet had all three locations on one sheet.   Position one near the collar, one near the seam then turn the shirt inside out and one on the inside of the shirt the wearer can flip up and go undercover.

Continuous String

This custom art design was just what this company needed to represent their products.   The ball of yarn continues throughout the shirt (DT6101) allowing you to charge a premium price for this must have.     This was done with one Goof Proof sheet and multiple presses.

Vertical Center

This shirt sells the message of keeping life in balance with a vertical print (Easy Prints 3D-433) right down the center.    So that you can apply to both the spandex Yoga pants (LPST890) and the 100% polyester top (LST420). UltraColor Stretch is the transfer choice.

Have you tried any unique print placements?  We would love to see them!

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