Printing Faded Edges

With both our full color transfers UltraColor and CAD-PRINTZ, any type of gradient within the artwork is possible and will be printed as provided.     But when you get to the faded edges things get a little trickier.

Our CAD-PRINTZ are a full color print/cut vinyl and will have a visible contour white outline around the print.  So you will see white around the contour edge.   With CAD-PRINTZ you can change this finite outline to another one of our stock colors but there is a $20 fee.

With UltraColor transfers this white outline is not needed since this is a printed transfer.   However, because we need to print an adhesive we still need a finite end and can’t gradually fade to the shirt.

If your provided art does have faded edges we have two choices.

We can just add a finite end color as shown below.   This can be white or any color of your choosing with no extra fee.    The example below shows white but it could have just as easy been our stock turquoise to closer match the shirt color so it still give the appearance of fading to the shirt.

A second alternative is to just eliminate the fade as shown in this second example.   We basically cut into the artwork at the last place there is a full image.

To expedite your order, if your art has these faded edges please include which of the two ways work best for you right in the order notes.

And as always, Happy Pressing.

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