Reduce Inventory and Lost Sales with Custom Transfers

Last month, we took a “girl’s trip” to a small island on Lake Erie. It is a fun place to visit with golf carts as the vehicle of choice, restaurants and gift shops. But as you can imagine, if you have ever experienced winter in the north, once the weather turns, all of the visitors leave.

The weekend we were visiting, many shops decided to make it the last weekend of the year. At one of the shops, shirts were being sold for a clearance price of 92¢ each! Not just a few, but racks full of t-shirts. We all know there is no profit being made on these sales!

If they had only used transfers, they could have prevented the clearance sale. Transfers can be ordered and stocked and then only applied once the apparel is sold. This way you won’t have a rack of unpopular colors or sizes left to sell at a loss. You can have a few of each size printed, or better yet, set up a nice display with the choices and colors/size/styles available and print on demand. It only takes 4 seconds to apply a transfer as the customer waits.

Custom transfer for a vacation shop

Custom transfers reduce inventory and can be printed on demand in just 4 seconds!