Saving Money On Your Transfer Orders Using a Color Change

Are you familiar with a color change? A color change is a money saving tool when the artwork remains the same but you need some in one color and some in another. It is much less expensive than doing two orders or putting 2 colors on one sheet.

In the example below, the customer needed some in red and some in royal. He put both colors on the same sheet. Since both colors are on the same sheet, he was charged for a 2 color, 50 sheets @ $3.32/sheet for a $166 total.


getting transfer in 2 different colors

This person put 2 images on a sheet, one in each color and paid for a 2 color transfer.


To save money he would have been ahead to order a color change. Create two in the same color and then order 25 sheets in red, and 25 sheets in royal. By doing the order this way, you are still getting 50 in each color, but are only paying $111.50 (25 sheets red, 25 sheets royal, 50 1 color sheets @ $2.23/sheet plus the $15 color change charge). This saves you more than $50!


color change saves money

Instead, put both images in the same ink color and order a color change to save money.