Screen Printed Transfer Numbers that Stretch

Our Elasti Prints® transfer numbers stretch with the apparel. The numbers comes in number styles, Avalon, Champ Pro™, and Euro Pro™. You can order your front logo print in Elasti Prints as well using the same letter style if you like for a professional look. Elasti Prints numbers can be applied to cotton, polyester, cotton/poly as well as other types of poly blends. The numbers apply at a low temperature, 275 degrees in 15 seconds. Avalon is available in white, black, black with white outline, and white with a black outline, Champ Pro in black, white, gold, red, royal, navy, and neon lime, while Euro Pro is available in black and white. They are all available in the 4, 6, 8 and 10” sizes.


Avalon style in Elasti Prints®

Avalon typestyle for Elasti Prints® numbers are stretchable