Selling Custom T-Shirts at Fall Festivals

Fall is pumpkins, colorful leaves and fall festivals.    Let’s get ready to generate sales at those festivals.   Your first sale opportunity is the staff themselves.    The staff will need t-shirts or hoodies depending on the weather and aprons for those working the food booths.   You may be able to gang the staff logo with your festival design, or maybe just add the word staff under the festival design or on the back of the shirt.

Then we will want to get ready for our apparel booth at the festival.  By using your heat press and transfers you can “print on demand” letting your customer make the apparel and print choice.

What You Need

  • Heat Press
  • Tent
  • Electrical
  • Table
  • Festival Themed Transfers
  • Blank Shirts
  • Banner or Sign with offering and pricing


Choosing Your Designs

Your feature print will be the key to good sales.    Make it eye catching and creative.  Use Easy View, the online design tool to create your design.   All the photos shown are Easy Prints designs.

Use 2-3 colors or even consider using a full color UltraColor design.   Bring several colors of blank shirts that will work with the designs.    Be sure to give clear, concise directions on your sale’s process—pick a shirt, choose a color, pick a print and pay here.

Adding More Options

In addition, to your feature design add some generic prints for the season.

Here are some fun, fall ideas:

Hello Fall

Autumn leaves, Pumpkins please

Happy Fall Y’all


Pumpkin Spice Vibes


These extra options can be set up on a gang sheet to reduce your costs.


Promote Before the Event

Before you open your festival t-shirt booth, use social media to promote what you will be having for sale.    You can even set up a Spirit Sale store to sell before and after the event.   Happy Selling!


Watch here to learn more

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Marina Teramond @ NMPL

To tell the truth, now I am going to sell custom t-shirts and your article was so helpful for me because before this moment I hadn’t been aware of a lot of significant details and nuances connected with it to make my selling more effective and fast-going. I absolutely agree with you that feature print is the key to good sales because the visual component always plays a fundamental role in a lot of aspects and you need to approach choosing your design in a serious way, making it as harmonious as possible. I fall in love with your ideas of generic prints for your design because they are so creative and that can add a little bit of uniqueness in your decoration. Also, promotion before the event is a fundamental factor in your selling and it is not right to neglect it.


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