Selling Positivity T-Shirts

In a world that often seems inundated with negativity and challenges, finding ways to spread positivity has become increasingly important.  One simple way to do so is by selling positivity t-shirts.    These shirts create optimism by allowing purchasers to express their positive outlook.   Positivity t-shirts can inspire self confidence and create a positive environment.

Let’s break down five positivity t-shirts created in Easy View, your free online design center.   Using the Easy View tools, you can quickly and easily create art and mock-ups to help you sell this style of shirt.

The Best Is Yet to Come

This first positivity t-shirt adapts an Earth Day template into this positive message.    We started with Easy Prints layout, 3D-566 and simplified to create a one-color Goof Proof transfer.   We used a natural ink color to create a soft look.

Never Let the Fear of Striking Out

Famous quotes can work great for positivity shirts.  This design uses text and clip art to create not only a baseball motivation but also a life motivation.     This design uses the Fenway Park font for the quote, with the baseball stitch clip art x15a-314.   This is a one-color Hot Split transfer, applied to the raglan baseball style t-shirt.

One Day or Day One

This text only design uses two fonts to convey the two motivational messages.  One Day is the Ball Pen script, and DAY ONE in Averta Black.  This message is perfect for someone starting a t-shirt business or any other endeavor.

Grow with the Flow

This shirt is in color and is ready for you to just add the group name under it.    With full color you can choose UltraColor Max for those orders of just 1-18 pieces or switch over to UltraColor Pro for those larger orders.

Good Vibes Only

This t-shirt with a smiling sloth, can’t help but put a smile on your face.   We used customizable Easy Prints layout, QMT-84.    We selected cheerful colors-turquoise and metallic rose gold.

Designing in Easy View is free.    Give it a try to see what inspiring message you can create.    Use the mock-up tool to share on social media or your Esty store and see what others think.     Once an order is placed you can fulfill it on demand using custom transfers, a heat press and wholesale apparel.  Selling positivity t-shirts is more than just a business venture; it’s a way to spread joy, inspire optimism and create a lasting impact on individuals and your community.

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