Show Your Patriotism-Add A Flag Transfer

Add sales and show your patriotism with the addition of a flag transfer. These in stock transfers are 2×3 in size, perfect to add to a sleeve or back of a t-shirt, or to a cap or bag. The flag transfers are red, white and blue in color with a white outline so they will look great on any color apparel. They apply in just 4 seconds to cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blend shirts.

Reverse Direction Flags

Some customers have asked us if they could order a reverse direction flag. This flag follows military guidelines, with the stars on the right corner. This is worn this way on military uniforms right sleeve to symbolize that our flag appears always charging and never retreating. Although we don’t have enough demand for this flag version to stock, we do offer this clip art, clip art number, x17a-968.   This flag can be ordered in only red and navy if going on white shirts, to reduce the cost. At the 2×3 size you fit 20 flags per sheet.

Reverse direction flag, x17a-968

Other Flag Clip Art

We also have many other flag clip arts to be used in designs or alone. One of the most popular is the waving flag, clip art number x17a-816. All flags can be printed using  one, two or all three colors.

Clip Art X17a-816

Making Flags Red, White and Blue in Easy View

  1. Select the flag clip art on screens
  2. Under the object tab, select ungroup
  3. This will allow you to choose colors for each part of the flab
  4. For the square select Navy
  5. For the stars select White
  6. For the stripes select red and white
  7. If you want to outline in white, use effects touching outline, white

If you need any help setting up your transfer sheets, our dealer service team is able to assist you.

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Dealer Services

Carol, can you send a picture to We’ve never had that issue before and would like to see what’s going on. The performance wear is likely an issue as Goof Proof isn’t typically the right fit for that material.

flag printing

Nice information! Thanks for this article

Jim Trapini

Do you have a Sicilian flag available?

Dealer Services

Hi Jim,

We don’t have a Sicilian flag clip art, but you can upload one in Easy View. If you are getting a full color transfer, there will be no price difference either.


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