New Embroidery Art Effect Available

Do you want the look of embroidery on your custom transfer?     We have a solution for you, Simbroidery.  Simbroidery is a digital transfer art effect that gives you the look of embroidered thread.   This is  an especially good alternative for hard to embroider items such as backpacks and bags or for thin fabrics that won’t hold up to a sewing needle.

Products you can use Simbroidery

The Simbroidery effect can be added to any of the UltraColor products including UltraColor Max (DTF) Direct to Film transfers, and UltraColor Pro, UltraColor Soft, UltraColor Stretch and UltraColor Stretch with blocker.

There is no extra charge to add Simbroidery to UltraColor Pro, UltraColor Soft and UltraColor Stretch. With UltraColor Max there is a $26 art fee for the added effect, and with this product you will get a proof to approve. This $26 fee does include any design in the 22″ x 22″ space that you would like the added effect on multiple designs be sure to gang the sheet.

How To Order Simbroidery

Start in Easy View, your free online designer at Create art using one of our templates as done below with layout QTR-29. Customize as you normally would choosing text, clip art, colors and size.   You can also upload your own art and order art. Once it is set up on the art board select next and you will see the additional options. To order the Simbroidery simply slide the radio button to the right and our design team will be notified you want this art effect added.

Simbroidery Art Tips

The art requirement for Simbroidery is very similar to the art requirements for embroidery.  Here are some tips to get the most out of the effect:

  • Avoid high detail-super fine detail.  The detail will print but have little of the simbroidery effect..
  • Text should be .25” tall or larger
  • Avoid gradients
  • Photographs won’t work with this effect
  • Avoid distress
  • vector art preferred
  • no less than 300 dpi for bitmap images
  • Minimum line thickness is .018”
  • Minimum show through thickness is .03”
  • Image prints in full color (CMYK) and may not match original colors exactly. Exact PMS or color matches may not be attainable

What do you think?   Will this be an added solution for your customers?    Order a free sample to show what can be done.  In the drop down just type Simbroidery.


Learn and see more with our video.


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Gregory Herbert

Please let me know how to improve my website.


May I please request a sample of the simembroidery? Acct #155371



Kimberly Rodgers

I love it. Looks great!!

Becca Leach

sample of simbroidery

Dealer Services

We do have free samples of the simbroidery effect. Here is the link
In the dropdown, please choose other, and note simbroidery. They mail out the following business day

Dealer Services

Thank you they will mail out tomorrow.

Dealer Services

Hi Christine, that is not one of our account numbers so I have no way to know where to send the sample. Here is the link for the free sample request


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