What Size Are You? Easy Tips to Ensure the Correct Size

Do you struggle with getting your customers the right size apparel? Are you ever asked if the garments “run big”? Do you ever have customers return a shirt saying it is too small or big? If you have ever encountered these issues, we are here to help you with some quick tips to get your customer in the correct sized shirt.

People come in different shapes and sizes. If you are ever doing shirts for an organization, sports team, local business etc. odds are that you are going to need different sized shirts to accommodate everyone.  To make sure you are not guessing on sizes, you can always try one of these options:

  • Figure out what type of garment you are using and order in a blank in all sizes. That way, you can then take your customer the blank garments for them to have everyone try on.  It is not a waste either as you can then get those blanks back and use once you are ready to press your job.

Not everyone is going to wear the same size. Try to have your customers try on garments before you press your job

  • When you are ordering from Transfer Express Apparel, you can always use the spec sheet. This will give you additional information to help with choosing the correct size such as width of the chest to determine a shirt size. You can also share the spec sheet with your customer
  • Order a few extra blanks. More times than not, those will not go to waste and you can use toward a future job. If a customer does come back, you will be able to get them into the correct size in a timely manner.
  • Better to be bigger than smaller. If you are doing shirts for youths, it is usually better to be bigger than smaller. They will continue to grow and will grow into the garment. If you ever have a youth between a medium and a large, always go with the large.


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