Tips for Family Reunion T-Shirt Orders

This summer will be a huge year for family reunions.    After being apart we can’t wait to celebrate together and what better way than a big family reunion.   Family reunion t-shirt orders are the perfect summer order.

Use Easy Prints artwork

When the family representative is ready to place their order, show them what you can do using Easy Prints.   These professionally created templates are ready to add the family’s name to them and in seconds you can show them a ready to print design.   The family reunion template section is one of our largest with over 200 designs to choose from.

And if they use Easy Prints art/text/fonts the orders ship faster to make those tight deadlines possible.   A 1 color Easy Prints order placed by 11 am ships the next business day.  So order by Wednesday morning and your order would ship Thursday and arrive Friday!  Take a look at the turnaround schedule to plan the end date of your sale.

Handling Multiple Shirt Sizes

There are two trains of thought on how to handle the wide range of shirt sizes often needed for a family reunion order.

One is to get a different print size for the adult shirts, and a second print size for the youth shirts.    This will normally create the need for two smaller quantity orders.   Or for some of the layouts, a gang sheet (a transfer sheet with more than one image) can be set up with both an adult and a youth size print on the same sheet.     On the example below, we fit 3 designs on one sheet-one for the adult, one for the youth and a third for infant sizes that could also be used as an adult left chest print.

A second way to handle this, will get you the best price.   Order one size print is ordered for all shirt sizes.   If you are doing this, measure your smallest shirt and get the biggest print that will still fit on that smallest shirt.

Make the Cut-Off Order Date Early

We know we all procrastinate, life gets hectic.   So give an earlier deadline then actually needed to the family member gathering the orders.   This gives you a little buffer to collect the order and get them delivered on time.

Use Spirit Sale

Spirt Sale is an easy to use ecommerce platform.  It is the perfect way to collect orders.     Set the deadline (again early with a little buffer).   Send out the link to all the family members to order the shirts.    You can use the same design for some great add-ons too like cinch sacks or beach towels!

Order at the Price Breaks

By ordering at the next price break, not only will you save money but you also will have a few extra transfers to handle that one more shirt.     For example if you need 185 transfers to fill the order, it is actually less to order at the price break of 200.  And this gives you 15 extra transfer prints for free!

Use these tips to have a successful family reunion t-shirt sale.  If you have any to add let us know in the comments!

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