When to Use UltraColor Soft vs Elasti Prints?

Both Elasti Prints® and UltraColor® Soft custom transfer products apply to the same apparel types: polyester, cotton and poly/cotton blends and are the best product for 100% polyester that stretches such as performance wear, heat sensitive polyester and polypropylene items that need a lower temperature application.

Elasti Prints are sold by the 11.25″ x 14″ sheet, and UltraColor Soft is sold by the 11.5″ x 18″ sheet, so you can fit more than one item on the sheet for the same price. So when do you use each?

Elasti Prints transfers are a screen printed transfer printed in spot color. Spot color is the process where each screen will hold only one color and will be printed on the same transfer. For example, you might have a red apple, with a green leaf and brown stem, and this would take 3 screens to print. So Elasti Prints transfers will be the best product if you are printing a one color, two color or three color custom transfer. With Elasti Prints custom transfers, each added color will add to your cost.


Elasti Prints screen printed transfers

Elasti Prints screen printed transfers on a performance wear t-shirt


UltraColor Soft is a hybrid custom transfer that combines digital process color printing with screen printing. Process color uses four process inks to make an array of many colors. An example of process color is a photograph—there are hundreds of colors seen in any photograph, so if you want to do a transfer that includes a photo as art, UltraColor Soft would be a good choice. It will also be cost efficient when ordering a custom transfer with 4 or more spot colors since with this custom transfer type the number of colors has no effect on the cost.


Stretch Litho transfers

UltraColor Soft transfers with many spot colors or full color artwork with shading and gradients.