Why Use Goof Proof Transfers to Print T-Shirts?

There are lots of choices for heat transfers to decorate and print t-shirts and other apparel. Besides the standard inks like Goof Proof and Hot Split Retro, there are specialty inks that puff and glow-in-the-dark, transfers that reflect light, and then there are full color transfers, too. So why use any particular one?

Which transfer do you use for most of your “normal” t-shirt printing?

That’s easy. Goof Proof® screen printed transfers are going to be your go-to transfer for 80% of your print jobs.

And there are lots of reasons for this transfer type to be your number one choice.

Let’s look at all of the reasons you would choose to use Goof Proof transfers for t-shirt printing.


What is Goof Proof?

First, let’s take a step back and talk about what Goof Proof heat transfers are.

Goof Proof transfers are screen printed transfers made using plastisol inks.

These inks are the same plastisol inks that are used for screen printing directly onto shirts.

To make these transfers, we are actually screen printing the inks onto the special transfer release paper.

You, then, are able to apply the transfers to apparel using a heat press.


Goof Proof transfers


These screen print transfers are not vinyl or sublimation transfers.

They are screen print inks, and when applied, make the same end result as direct screen printed shirts.


Why Use Goof Proof?

Just like mentioned above, you would use Goof Proof transfers to create a screen printed shirt, but without all of the messy inks, emulsions, chemicals, expensive equipment, and intense labor needed for screen printed shirts.

All you need to apply them is a heat press.

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With just a heat press and Goof Proof screen printed transfers, you can get the same end result.



print t-shirts with Goof Proof transfers and heat press


Goof Proof is the best-selling screen printed transfer.


Easy Application

Goof Proof got its name for a reason. It’s pretty easy to apply and hard to mess up.

While screen printed transfers do require accurate time, temperature, and pressure to apply, Goof Proof is fairly forgiving.

It is also the fastest and easiest to apply.



With only a 4-6 second application for single color, it is done quickly.

It’s a hot peel, meaning you can peel the paper carrier off immediately when you open the press. There’s barely any wait time on this transfer. It applies and is ready to peel immediately.

You can really print a lot of t-shirts fast using Goof Proof, so it is great for large runs of shirts. And since “time is money”, you can profit more on each job with less labor time.


use Goof Proof on t-shirts



Look and Feel

Goof Proof screen printed transfers are going to give you a nice, retail-ready finished t-shirt that people will want to buy.

The inks are opaque and durable. These transfers, along with all of our transfer types, have been tested through 50 wash/dry cycles, which is about the “life of a garment”.

What’s nice about Goof Proof is that even though the inks are durable, it still gives you a really nice, soft hand on the shirt.

Even the lighter, thinner shirts still work great and feel good.

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So whether you’re looking for a durable print for sports uniforms, or a nice light feeling, retail-ready look and feel for your branded tees, Goof Proof is going to be a great choice for both.


Transfer Options

Goof Proof is going to apply to a majority of the apparel you will want to print on. You can apply these transfers to cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, and triblends.

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This includes apparel items like t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, tote bags, backpacks, hats, can coolers, towels, aprons, and so much more.


Goof Proof on shirts and tote bags


And since Goof Proof can apply using a couple different applications, it gives you the ability to print on some semi heat-sensitive materials, like triblends, using an alternative low-temp application.

For a faster application and non heat-sensitive materials like cotton and cotton/poly blends, you can apply it at 360-370°F for just 4-6 seconds.

When applying to more heat-sensitive materials like polyester and triblends, you can drop the temperature to 325°F for 10-12 seconds, to avoid scorching the fabrics.

This gives you options to heat press Goof Proof to a wide array of apparel items.

The wide selection of ink colors also gives you lots of options. Goof Proof is available in 70 stock ink colors, including metallic and neon colors.

They are also CPSIA certified, so you can use on children’s apparel, too.


Save Money with Gang Sheets

With most of our transfer types, you have the ability to “gang” multiple images up on the transfer sheet space.

The standard sheet size is 11.25” x 14”. That’s plenty of space for a full size front image for a shirt, and some other smaller images for tag prints, caps, left chest, etc.

Fit as much as you can on the same sheet for no extra charge. You can use the same image or different images.

In addition, Goof Proof is also available with the option to use a jumbo size sheet, too.


jumbo gang sheet vs standard size transfer sheet


This allows you to fit almost 40% more on the sheet, for just a small bit more on the cost.

At the jumbo size, 12.5” x 17.5”, you can fit two full size images on the sheet with space to add extra smaller prints as well.

By using gang sheets, you can really save on print costs by getting multiple prints on a sheet that you didn’t pay anything more for – another huge benefit.

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So why use Goof Proof? – Conclusion

Goof Proof screen printed transfers are going to give you a printed shirt with a great look and feel at a price point that you can make a nice profit.

With these transfers, you can print a screen printed shirt with no mess, no long printing process, no learning a complicated printing processes, and still get the same end result. It’s much easier and faster.

It’s also much more cost effective since you only need a heat press to do it. You can save tons of money on equipment and you can do it with only a fraction of the amount of space.

Goof Proof transfers are the best-selling for a reason. They allow you to print shirts fast with a quality result and a finished shirt that customers are going to love.

It’s even possible to print t-shirts right from your home.

They are fast and easy to learn. They are durable and are trusted by many large customers and brands.

Whether you are a big-time shop or a small home business just starting out, you can get a quality, screen printed shirt with just a heat press in only 4 seconds.

So why not use Goof Proof? 😉

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