10 New Fonts Added to Easy View

additional script fonts

We have 3 new script fonts added to our Easy Prints® font collection.

Whenever we ask what customers want added, a resounding reply comes, MORE FONTS! So we are excited to announce the addition of 10 new fonts to our Easy Prints® collection. These have been loaded into Easy View®, our online designer and are ready for use. Below is an example of layout QCH-123 that is typically shown with the Sign Painter font, and the new look with SantElia font.

Fonts can really change the way a layout looks giving your customers more options. Fonts do matter. They can make your design easier to read and can show emotion.

We have added 3 script fonts – SantElia, Braxton Bold and Nexas Rust. We have also added the Rex Bold style which matches the number style we stock. Rex Bold is also the style used by the United States World Cup Soccer Teams. Other additions are Oval Single, Arkhip, Zag Bold, Reader, Bebas Neue, and Sunday. All have upper and lower except Bebas Neue, Rex Bold and Sunday.


additional fonts added to Easy View

10 additional fonts for Easy Prints layouts. Add them in your layouts in Easy View!








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