New School Spirit Design Templates in Easy View®

As the new school year approaches, we’re excited to announce the release of our latest school-themed design templates in Easy View® Online Designer. These designs are perfect for creating apparel that showcases school pride, whether it’s for sports teams, clubs, or faculty apparel.

Introducing Customizable School Designs

Our new collection features a range of designs that can be fully customized to represent your school’s unique spirit. Each template can be personalized with your own mascot, whether by uploading your existing design or choosing from our extensive library of clip art. This flexibility allows you to tailor each piece of apparel to reflect your school’s identity perfectly.






Customizing Your School Design in Easy View®

To add your own school mascot to your design, either select from our vast selection of clip art, or upload your own file! Then use the Easy View® tools to type in your school’s name, pick your colors, and font for a design that speaks to your school spirit!

For more information on designing in Easy View®, check out our tutorial below:

Screen Printed vs. Digital Transfers

When it comes to creating custom school apparel, choosing the right transfer type is crucial. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide between screen printed and digital transfers:

Screen Printed Transfers:
These transfers use real plastisol ink, which gives a soft hand feel that’s durable and vibrant. Screen printed transfers are most cost-effective for larger quantities, making them ideal for schools where you might be decorating apparel in bulk for events, teams, or yearly school merchandise.

Digital Transfers:
Digital transfers are excellent for designs that feature three or more colors, gradients, or fine details that are difficult to achieve with screen printing. This method allows for high-detail imagery and color gradients, making it perfect for custom or intricate school logos and mascots.

Choosing the Right Transfer for Your School Apparel

Consider the complexity of your design and the quantity needed when selecting your transfer type:
– Opt for digital transfers for detailed designs or when you want to include multiple colors and gradients.
– Choose screen printed transfers when ordering in large quantities to keep costs down while maintaining excellent quality and feel.

Get Started on Your School Apparel Today!

Ready to show off your school spirit? Dive into our new designs and start creating custom apparel that stands out. Whether you’re gearing up for the school year or celebrating a special achievement, our templates and transfer options provide everything you need to create vibrant, durable school apparel.

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