10 Reasons To Start Your Own T-shirt Business

The scariest moment is always just before you start.

The first step is really the hardest. We asked our customers why they got started in this business and here is a list of some answers:

Pedro – Houston, TX  During our teen years, my brother and I used to draw on t-shirts, then we airbrushed and screen printed. So we grew up doing shirts and it’s a family business. We enjoy making people’s visions come to life!

Dominique – Cleveland, OH  My hobby turned into my livelihood. It only made sense. I didn’t choose this life, it chose me!

Ivan – Birmingham, AL  I started designing and allowing a 3rd party company print my shirts entirely. Finding out how to do it myself has been the best thing that ever happened.

David – Adrian, MI  I’m 6’3” and finding cool shirts that actually fit and didn’t cost an arm and a leg is very hard. It grew from there and I thank the Lord!

Megan – Poplar Bluff, MO  I have been exploring my field of study (digital media & animation) since 2005, and I volunteer in areas that struck my interest. Advertising, printmaking, and publishing became a love affair I couldn’t get enough of. Gaining experience from professionals and educators, it was after plenty of sweat and tears that I was ready to give it a try on my own. Apparel design was fun and always new. I like working by myself and meeting new people. Being a quiet person, I hope to use this opportunity to share what I love and reserve a refuge for those in need.

Bee – Charlotte, NC  I tried selling tees on a different platform. I didn’t sell one. Then the mother of a friend said just start your own business. I thought it was the rantings of a crazy lady. Then one day I began to YouTube how shirts were printed, the different technologies. I saw this man using a heat press. Then I Googled heat press prices. I also looked up prices on eBay. They were cheap, I was hooked. Then through Stahls, I basically heard you get what you pay for. So I didn’t go that cheap press route. I fell in love with the Fusion. It’s my dream press. I do have a press, a sublimation printer and a vinyl cutter now… and I’m in business. I just received my first 200 t-shirt order from a school. Ordered my transfers from Stahl’s.

Susan – Strasburg, VA  We needed smaller run tees for events and having our own press gave us the freedom to print shirts for whatever we need them for including staff, events, personal and more.

Crys – Fond du Lac, WI  It started as a hobby in 2006 & now I just launched my website & I do shirts full time… when you ❤️? what you do, it’s not considered work anymore.

Kes – Lawrenceville, GA  I started because our only sports store for spirit wear closed and I knew there was a market for it. I also am a single mom trying to be home more with my kids. If I can build my clients up, I hope to stay home full time and just do this. I love what I do.

Linda – Deer Lodge, MT  I started because I’m a big high school sports fan and there was no outlet for spirit wear in my small town. Since I managed a print shop, it was a good fit to start doing screen printed transfers, too. Now, so many years later, I own my own shop and am using my grandson to try out my designs instead of my daughters.

Are you ready to start?