Need Help with your Custom Transfer – Ask Rosie

We want to help you grow your t-shirt business and as you do this we know you will have questions. We have created a person who will help you with those custom transfer questions—meet Rosie!

Rosie is Born

If you ever saw The Jetsons, an old cartoon, Rosie was the family maid who had all of the answers. Back in the day at Transfer Express, we had a filing cabinet who bore a remarkable resemblance to her. That was the file in which we placed orders that had questions on them. Over time, we began to leave messages with these customers that told them to ask for Rosie. That alerted our staff, all well trained to assist with the questions, where to locate the order. Over time, Rosie blossomed into the face of our service team and has become a fun inside story that our customers were in on and got a kick out of.


The inspiration for Rosie


Rosie Today

Rosie is still a part of Transfer Express and is the moderator of her own Facebook group, Easy Prints Dealers. If you are a part of this group, you may have asked Rosie File’ a question or wanted her opinion.  This group is open to all Transfer Express customers. The brains behind Rosie is a culmination of our marketing team—this includes transfer application, custom transfer products, apparel materials, social media, SEO and graphic design expertise. So, Rosie has a lot of experience!

Ask Rosie any question about custom transfers and their application

Ask Rosie

Rosie is a busy lady and will answer your email even on nights and weekends. You can ask Rosie a question using Rosie is quick, during business hours you will have an answer usually within minutes and in never more than an hour. Rosie does pass along orders and resolutions to the Dealer Service team (she can’t do everything, LOL!). On nights and weekends Rosie does enjoy a few leisure activities – she is an avid reader and loves her Cleveland sports teams, but she checks in as often as possible to answer questions so if you are stuck on a night or weekend send her an email.

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