2024 Idea Book-A Showcase of T-shirt Artwork

The 2024 Transfer Express Idea Book is now available, packed with layout and clip art choices making it easy to  create art easy and fast, a complete showcase of t-shirt artwork.   In addition, new for 2024 layouts and clip art are included.


What is the Idea Book

The Idea Book is a showcase of t-shirt artwork.   It comes in a personalized binder and has no Transfer Express branding anywhere!     The book is filled with thousands of customizable layouts to help your customer find exactly what they are looking for.     The Idea Book pairs with the online designer, Easy View, a free design tool you can login and customize any of the Idea Book layouts to make them your own.   To help your customers find the art they need the book is divided into five broad color-coded categories.


Basic:   This t-shirt artwork can be used by all.     There are building blocks that are always a good starting point to build artwork.  Also included is local pride, motivation, trending and leg/sleeve layouts.

School:  This is where you will find customizable art templates for levels of schools and school events such as band, choir, drama and dances.    Also in the category are class list templates when your customer wants to add an entire class roster to a t-shirt and even signature layouts.

Sports:   This section has subcategories for all of your sports work both uniforms and Spiritwear

Occasions: This is the section for all of those events needing custom t-shirts including elections, fundraisers, holidays. Religion, reunion and travel

Work:   Here you will find the artwork for your corporate needs.   If the company, you are working with does not already have a logo this is a great starting point to create the art they need.   This includes layouts for car repair, construction, trades, first responders, military and the service industry.

Clip Art and Fonts

The Idea Book is packed with 42 pages of clip art.   This clip art is also categorized so you can easily find what you need.    The layouts can be used in the customizable templates, or used to start from scratch to build your own art.    In the clip art section, you will find all of the school and team mascots, food choices, holiday art, and occupation artwork to list a few.    The artwork can be done in just one colors as shown or ungroup the parts to add color to a particular part of the artwork.   Additionally,  you will find full color clip art, completely ready for use with full color transfers such as UltraColor Max and UltraColor Pro.

Choose It, Change It, Print It

Use the layouts to create your own artwork in the partnering, Easy View, online designer.   Easy View is free to use, there is no subscription service.    Because it is web based you can use it on your phone, tablet or pc.

Once your customer finds the layout they like in the Idea Book, head to TransferExpress.com and select the online designer.    Start by using the add layout or clip art button.    Click the part of the layout you are read to change and edit text, clip art and fonts.   You can add extra lines or delete unwanted lines.    Now make the color yours.   You can use as many colors as your customers needs.    Select the item on the artboard and change the color.   Add an outline to artwork or text using the outline button.    You can also add distress and patterns as needed to make your artwork even more unique.    Finally, once customized,  use the mockup tool to add it to apparel or download the art only to show your customer a free proof.     This is also a great way to offer a few choices.


If you need a digital version of the Idea Book, we have that too.   You can find it at TransferExpress.com in the help section under resources.  Of if you can send your customer the link to Easyprints.com.     EasyPrints.com does not have Transfer Express branding nor pricing.

How To Order

Order your 2024 Idea Book at www.TransferExpress.com for just $15 plus shipping.   The next time you order transfers, add a book to the order and we can ship it with the transfer order.     The Idea Book is also one of the components in the 2024 Marketing kit, your business in a box.   This year we also added a combo kit that includes both the marketing kit and the application kit.

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