Heat Printing Restaurant Apparel

Help your restaurant customers to stand out from the crowd by custom printing restaurant apparel.     In this post we will take a look at the different restaurant apparel items you can print with just a heat press and custom transfers.     Use a heat press and transfers  and create a print on demand service for the restaurant to help outfit staff as  hired.     Have transfers ready to go, so a new team member will be professionally outfitted from the first day.

T-shirts and Polos

The most popular option to offer is t-shirts or polo shirts.  T-shirts and polos are restaurant apparel are comfortable for the staff to wear.   Having their entire staff in the same color and style of clothing reinforces the restaurant’s brand identity.    This also gives the restaurant a chance to showcase their personality and make an impression on their diners.

Review options with your customer with a good, better and best approach.    The best choice may be determined by the staff turnover rate.     A restaurant with frequent turnover may find a lower option cost the best choice.     Also offer to print up merchandise that can be sold.    This might use the same print on a different color shirt options to differentiate from the staff.   Choose the transfer that you will apply based on how many your customer will be using, the chosen shirt’s material content and the number of colors in the restaurants logo.


Another popular custom printing restaurant apparel option are aprons.   These not only protect clothing but also contribute to a professional appearance.    Aprons are normally 100% cotton meaning any of our transfer choices will apply.


Caps are another restaurant accessory that can be customized to match the shirts and aprons.     They can often add a finishing touch to the restaurant’s staff professionalism.    To apply caps you will need a cap press.

Jackets and Outerwear

If your customers staff offers event or outside dining options a jacket might also be a nice offering.     Pay attention to the material content to be your transfer choice will work on the jacket.

Creating or Uploading Art

Most restaurants will have their own logo.   If they have a pdf file containing vector artwork that is perfect.   Visit TransferExpress.com open the online designer and upload your art.   Once the art is on the artboard size it to meet your needs.   Choose your transfer product and a quote will appear on screen.    At that point, you can save it until you are ready to order or add to cart and submit.    We offer fast turnarounds to help you get your customer the order when needed.

If your customer does not have their own logo, it is easy to create art in the online designer, Easy View.   A restaurant category is available to get you started.   Find a layout your customer would like and quickly customize with their name, phone number and address.    Choose the color or colors and size.

Gang Sheets for the Win

Building a gang sheet is a great way to build profits.    A gang sheet builder is built right in Easy View online designer.     The dotted line on screen represents the sheet.   To optimize profits fill the entire sheet area adding text, clip art, layouts or uploading additional art.  Or use the duplicate button under object in the top tool bar to create more of the same logo.   You can fit different sizes on the same gang sheet to create prints for your shirts, aprons, caps and jackets.     Or combine orders and put two different logos on the same sheet.

Applying your Transfers

Application instructions come with every order to make applying your transfers easy.    Just use the time, temperature and pressure settings listed.   Also if you have any obstructions such as seams, pockets or zippers, be sure the print area is raised to give you a firm flat, pressure setting.

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