3 Common Myths about Starting a T-Shirt Business

There are a lot of strange misconceptions running around out there about starting a t-shirt business, but there are three that we hear the most. Have you fallen into this line of thinking? Let’s find out.


Myth: Learning how to apply transfers takes specialized training and a long time to learn.

Truth: We would argue that it’s harder to work a standard iron than it is a heat press. With an iron, you have to guess at what settings to apply and you’re constantly fumbling with the fabric to not cause new creases. And yet, no one thinks to themselves, “I need special training to iron my dress shirt!”

Professional heat presses couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is simply follow the “recipe” included with the transfer. This recipe will tell you what temperature, pressure and time you should use to properly apply the t-shirt transfer. There may be slight adjustment depending on the material and type of heat press you use, but all in all, it’s very straightforward.

As to the operation of the heat press, you either change the dial to the settings or press it in. When it’s time to actually press the item, you generally press a foot pedal or press in a couple of buttons. It truly couldn’t be easier to use a professional heat press to make your own t-shirts.

(Note: We do not recommend using an iron to apply screen printed transfers. You cannot get enough even pressure with an iron for a good application.)

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Myth: Having a t-shirt business means carrying a lot of inventory

Truth: While you can certainly choose to carry an inventory of apparel, it’s not truly necessary. Many of our customers collect the sizing with the order and simply order the apparel from us when they place their transfer order. In the Marketing Kit, you receive an apparel catalog without our branding or pricing in it. This will allow you to show it to your customer directly and guide them through the apparel decision process.

Ordering on an “as needed” basis also helps your cash flow. You can collect for the shirts up-front, in which case you’re seeing your profit before you even fulfill the order. If your customer isn’t accepting of this, you can place your order on your credit card (or apply for a credit line from us) so you can “float” the expense until you’re paid in full for the order.


Myth: It’s not possible to turn a heat press and t-shirt transfers into a “real” business

Truth: We do have quite a number of customers who have a t-shirt business “on the side” to either supplement their income or have a hobby. However, having a t-shirt business can easily generate enough revenue to have it be a full-time job. It’s just a matter of starting small and re-investing in marketing and additional presses. Don’t believe us? Check out this story on our founder’s blog where one customer turned her business into a $250,000 business in a few short years.

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What myths did you hear about starting a t-shirt business when you were considering starting one? Let us know in the comments.



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