4 Ways Transfer Express West Will Help You

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Transfer Express has added a second screen printed transfer facility in Chandler, Arizona to better serve you.   If you are in Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Nebraska, Washington, Oregon or Wyoming; your custom screen-printed transfer orders will ship from our Arizona location.

In Arizona, we are only printing screen printed transfers- orders that include names, numbers, stretch litho, CAD-PRINTZ, rhinestones or marketing materials, will still ship from Ohio so that you only pay to ship one box.


What this means to you?

               Faster Shipping

Many of you located in these states receive your custom transfer  ground packages in 1 day from this location

               Shipping Cost Savings

Your shipping charge will be based on the closer transit location saving you several dollars per package.

               Pick-Up Availability

If you would like to drive and pick up your order, you can pick up from Chandler 8:00-5:00 pom


We have a fully decorated showroom with heat presses so you can see, touch and try our products.




If you have any questions about where your order is shipping from , our dealer service team is available to assist

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  1. Beth Douthitt says:

    That’s so wonderful! As a resident of Phoenix, I can’t wait to go visit the new facility!

  2. Dealer Services says:

    Beth, we look forward to meeting you! We’re really exciting about the PX location and the additional service we’ll be able to provide to customers.

  3. wyldherbs says:

    Awesome! Super excited to have you closer to Colorado! Congrats on the new facility!

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