3 Idea Resources for Designing Your T-shirt

Easy Prints Pinterest Page

Link: Find t-shirt design inspiration & show what you can make

Use the Easy Prints Pinterest page for design inspiration and to show your customers what you can create. Image links to Easy Prints Pinterest page

The Easy Prints Pinterest page is a great resource whether you have a Pinterest page for your t-shirt business or not. The Easy Prints Pinterest page is branded with the Easy Prints information and logo, so your customers do not need to know where the t-shirt designs originated from.

If you have a Pinterest account, you can share the Easy Prints pins on your own Pinterest page, creating themed boards to help your customers find relevant t-shirt designs for what they are looking for. You even have the option to email the designs to your customers if they are not on Pinterest. To email the design, choose the send button, which is next to the share button in the upper right-hand corner of the image when you are logged in. By sending them the pin, you are providing them with a link to the pin as well as a link directly back to your Pinterest page, allowing them to see other designs that you can provide them as well.

If you are not on Pinterest, share these pins on your Facebook page. To share them on Facebook, click on the picture that you want to send to see it as a larger image and choose the share button in the upper right-hand corner of the image. The email option will not work if you are not logged in, but you can copy and paste the link into an email if you would like to suggest the design to a customer.

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Idea Gallery

Link: See transfers on materials and get apparel inspiration

Use the idea gallery to see what different transfers look like on materials and get inspiration for t-shirt designs. Image links to the idea gallery

The idea gallery will provide you with several different ideas from the Easy Prints categories, showing a preview of something you can create in these categories. This resource provides design ideas for class of t-shirts, sports uniforms, reunion t-shirts, and more; all using the Easy Prints layouts. You can even show this to your customer by sharing a link with them to the gallery from the Easy Prints website.

This resource shows the finished product as well as the type of transfer used, the type of fabric it was heat pressed to, and the ink colors. When you choose “Start Designing,” you get forwarded to a larger, blank image of the Easy Prints layout.


Decorating Apparel Calendar

Link: Designs ideas for the upcoming months

Get ideas for different custom apparel designs that correspond with each month. Links to the Decorating Apparel Calendar

If you are looking for design ideas by month, the Decorating Apparel Calendar is a great resource! It shows you previews of themed designs that you can choose from for each month. When you choose “Get Started,” you get forwarded to a page that has even more design ideas for that month. For example, when you choose the Get Started option for July, you get forwarded to a page that shows design ideas for Independence Day, picnics, pig roasts, carnivals, festivals, and even fairs.


All of these resources include the layout numbers so you can find them in Easy Prints and make changes to them in the Easy View designer. Just change the words, colors, and even clip art to make them your own. Don’t forget to have some fun with it, play around with the features in Easy View to turn the Easy Prints layouts into your own personalized custom designs.

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