3 New Fonts You’ve Been Waiting For

Last month we added fonts Stahls’ Whiteout, Averta and Averta Bold, and the newly popular Paris typestyle! This month, we’re adding 3 new fonts to  that are ready NOW to use in your custom designs in the Easy View® Online Designer.

The new fonts are…..drum roll…. Jack Reacher, Averta Black and Uncial Antiqua Pro!


New Fonts added to Easy View for customizing designs for your heat transfers.


The first font added is our favorite this month! We’re happy to announce Jack Reacher is a new typestyle added to Easy View this month! This whimsical font isn’t just for Halloween t-shirts. With it’s playful style, use this font for children’s apparel or even resort and beach apparel!

Layout QRT-34 using the Jack Reacher typestyle


The second typestyle added to our Easy Prints font collection is to add to the Averta line of fonts. We introduce Averta Black!

Averta Black is a san serif font in the Simple Block family. Use this font as the headline in your t-shirt design. It’s heavy weight and bold features makes it a perfect choice to draw attention your artwork.

Averta fonts available in 3 weights for any Easy Prints designs


Lastly, Uncial Antiqua Prot is a calligraphy inspired style perfect for old style Celtic and European style artwork. You’ll see this font a lot around St. Patrick’s Day but can be used in a number of designs!

Layout QHL-4 using the Uncial Antiqua Pro typestyle in Easy View


Start using these new fonts as well as the other new fonts added each month in Easy View on www.TransferExpress.com!

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