4 Tips for Heat Printing T-Shirts for Class Trips

If your local school is taking a group on a local field trip, or an overnight class trip, there is an opportunity to sell custom shirts to the school.   Matching shirts make it much easier to keep the group together and find each other if you get separated.   Here are some tips:

  1. Find a parent in the group that is going to help organize the shirt order.   Teachers are so busy they will appreciate the assistance.
  2. Choose a bright shirt color.     The easier it is to see the better.
  3. Use just one color of ink to keep the cost low
  4. Create a design people will want.   If the shirt can be a souvenir for the students as well no one will complain about paying $10 for a shirt.   Not only will it help with the recognition, it pays for the souvenir.


A few of the Easy View layouts available for use for class trip t-shirts


At Transfer Express we offer many easy to customize designs in Easy View, our free online designer,  for the trips your students will take.   We have layouts and art for Washington DC, New York and Chicago, popular overnight trips.   If your students will be taking a trip to the zoo, farm, park or museum, we have layouts and art for that too.  Our dealer service team will be happy to help with suggestions-just email them with the destination (info@TransferExpress.com) and we will give you a couple of ideas!  Then with your heat press apply the custom transfer in just seconds and you are ready to deliver.