5 Best Selling T-Shirt Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day and I think we can all agree we could use some of  the luck o’ the Irish.    Offering St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts is a great way to increase sales and join in the fun.   Let’s take a look at 5 best-selling t-shirt ideas and their “recitees.”

The Red Truck is outfitted in Green

  1. Add Clip art x5a-56 to your artboard
  2. Delete the Christmas Tree
  3. Add the Buffalo Plaid Pattern in Dark Green and Avocado
  4. Fill the Trunk with shamrocks x12c-3
  5. Add text using Magnolia Sky Font
  6. Printed in Goof Proof Screen printed transfer

Green Foil adds some Bling

  1. Add text in Magnolia Sky
  2. Replace dots in i with shamrock x12c-12
  3. Apply Adhesive to your shirt
  4. Cover with Green Foil

Everybody Get Tipsy

  1. Start with layout QMT-73
  2. Replace acorn with leprechaun hat, x5d-45
  3. Change your text
  4. Use Hot Split Retro

Beer Tastes Better on St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Start with layout QEV-195
  2. Replace the food truck with the full color leprechaun WA-0782
  3. Change your text
  4. Add Some Color
  5. Use UltraColor Soft, digital screen printed transfers

Let’s Get Lucky

  1. Start with the slot machine clip art X15x-286
  2. Replace the 7’s with shamrocks x12c-6
  3. Add Lucky text in Kaleidos font above adding a drop shadow from Effects
  4. Choose add clip art,  Banner x19a-597
  5. Add Casino Trip in font Kaleidoes
  6. Order in Goof Proof plastisol transfer

Add all 5 ideas to your e-commerce store.    If you don’t have one, give our spirt sale platform a try and open up a St. Patrick’s Store as your first store.

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