5 New Layouts to Customize for Easter Shirts

Easter is here and not only is it a time celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it’s also a time to gather with family and friends, enjoy festive meals and exchange gifts.

One of the best ways to celebrate the holiday is by wearing special Easter apparel! And this year, we’re introducing 5 new Easter layout designs to the Easy View online designer to help make your outfits even more festive and unique.



Introducing the New Layout Designs for Easter Apparel

Easy View is an online design tool that allows anyone to create custom graphics and order their heat transfers. We add new design layouts weekly to the Easy View® online design center at Transfer Express. These layouts give you ready-to-customize professional designs without any prior design knowledge. Even complete graphic design newbies can create beautiful t-shirt designs using these layouts!

We will then turn your finished design into heat transfers that are ready-to-apply to any blank apparel.

And now, the new Easter layouts are here!

You’ll find the new layouts in Easy View — along with a wide selection of clip art, fonts and design elements to make custom t-shirts, hats and other apparel items that stand out from the crowd.

To get to the new design layouts, all you need to do is open Easy View, select Add Layout. From there, choose the Occasions category and browse the Easter section!

From here, you can scroll through to discover these new design options.


New Easter Layout Design #1:

Easter egg hunts are a traditional festivity to celebrate Easter! Whether it’s a backyard event with family and friends or a community-wide affair, everyone loves searching for eggs with treats hidden inside.  Add a bit of extra fun to egg hunts with custom t-shirts or tote bags to gather eggs in.

We added a new Easter layout 3D-558  for you to customize in Easy View for full color heat transfers. This t-shirt design is perfect for any Easter Egg Hunt and is a fun way to get everyone egg-cited about the hunt and create a sense of camaraderie among participants. Plus, it makes a great souvenir to remember the event by.

To make this design more special, consider adding more personal touches like the date of the event, sponsors, or the name of the egg hunter. Customize the colors of the text and clip art to match your customer’s style or the theme of the event.

New Easter Layout Design #2:

This next Easter design is simple but playful. The main image is 3 Easter eggs, with an abstract pattern of dots and stripes in bright pastel colors. The egg is surrounded by Easter grass creating a festive and fun vibe.

Above the egg, there’s a playful font that reads “But Did you Dye It.” The phrase is a nod to the competitive spirit of egg hunts and Easter egg color dying, but it’s also a fun way to commemorate the event and show off your status as a seasoned egg hunter.


New Easter Layout Design #3:

Easter is a time of spiritual reflection, renewal and celebration. As the holiday season approaches you may be looking for a fresh and modern design for religious Easter t-shirts.

This new Easter layout QRE-134 is uses bold and modern fonts surrounded by the intricate thin lines of the cross and patterns. This design creates an eye-catching design that still expresses your customers religious values.

New Easter Layout Design #4:

You’ll also find new Easter layout QHL-158 to customize and make it your own! One of the great things about this new Easter design is how easily it can be customized. No matter how you customize this design it will catch people’s attention and help get them in the Easter spirit. 

Whether you’re planning an Easter egg hunt, a family gathering, or an Easter-themed party, this design can be put on a variety of different items to make your event even more special. You could have the design printed on t-shirts for everyone to wear or on tote bags to use as Easter baskets. The possibilities are endless!

New Easter Layout Design #5:

This new design QHL-157 is a great way to add a touch of Spring and fun any Easter occasion! Customize this design in Easy View with your own event name and colors to create a fun shirt for events like Easter Brunches, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, parades, and egg hunts. This new design will make a great photo opportunity with the Easter Bunny! 


BONUS Full Color Baseball Clip Art: Full Color from Great Dane Graphics

Did you love the new Easter design layouts above? We are just getting started! In addition to the 5 Designs above, there are THREE bonus full color clip art from our friends at Great Dane Graphics!

Artwork from Great Dane Graphics gives you bright, full color design options to use for your heat transfer designs.

Add these colorful graphics to any Easy Prints® design layout in Easy View to create the perfect design for your customer.

These full color graphics make it easy to create bright, colorful designs for heat transfers like UltraColor® Max and the new UltraColor® Pro.

To design and order your digital heat transfers, simply search for the clip art ID number below in Easy View or browse all clip art from Great Dane Graphics by selecting Add Clip Art and then choose the Full Color/ Great Dane Graphics category.


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One simple way to customize Easter shirts is to add Easter-themed graphics to the design. This could include images of Easter eggs, bunnies, chicks, or other springtime motifs.


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