New Clip Art and Layout Program

We want to help grow your t-shirt business by giving you the art you need to create your custom transfer. Each year we add hundreds of clip art and layouts to our Idea Book™, and own the largest collection of art in the industry. These new clip art and layouts become available each February. We will continue to do that, but we are excited to announce a new program with updates throughout the year.

new clip art released

With the new clip art and layouts program, we will be releasing new artwork throughout the year!

We are starting with the clip art suggestions you gave us in the Easy View® survey. The first new clip art will be released this week. It was the often suggested better African American art. Other suggestions were better female athletes, the Washington DC monuments and updated sports art. All of these will be coming soon.

When new art is added, it will be promoted on our blog and social media. Be sure to follow us so you stay updated on all of the new art choices. Once announced, the art will be ready for use in Easy View, our free online design tool.

And if you have any new ideas, keep them coming by emailing us at We will add them to the list and get them coming soon!

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