5 Things You Didn’t Know About Our T-Shirt Business Webinars

free online t-shirt webinars

Every month we host a webinar on a particular topic about how to grow your t-shirt business. Some of you may have wondered will this help me, what is it? A webinar is just a seminar given online. You register ahead of time and are sent a link to view on the date and time it has been scheduled. Here are some other things you might not have known.


  1. The live webinar is interactive.

There is a chat box where you can ask us questions. In addition, you can talk to other attendees giving ideas, asking questions and sharing stories.


  1. It can be listened to like a podcast.

On the road or busy using your t-shirt press during the webinar time? You can listen to the webinar just like a podcast. On your confirmation, you will be sent an audio phone number and pin. To join us in listen mode, just give it a call and join us. You will hear the entire webinar live through your phone!


  1. If you miss it, it is recorded.

If you register for the monthly webinar, the following day we will send you a link to the recording as well as the slides. That way you can watch it again, stop it where you might want to take a closer look or you may want to save a chart on one of the slides. If you don’t register, you can still find the recording under the education tab on our web site as well as on our YouTube channel.


  1. Webinars are on a different topic each month.

Topics are carefully chosen to give you a wide range of information on topics you have asked us about. We have had webinars targeted to starting a new business, adding heat printing to your embroidery business, printing at onsite events, how social media can help your business and packaging and displays to name a few of the topics.

  1. They are free.

This is the best part of all, there is no cost to join us. So join us for an upcoming webinar, our next one is Thursday September 15 at 2:00 pm EST. It is titled Easy View Live, and will show you how our free online t-shirt designer will make it easy for you to create art, even if you are not an artist. Give webinars a try and join us.